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GhostTube SEER

GhostTube SEER

This app can be downloaded for free


GhostTube Seer is the world's first AI-powered paranormal tool available to download free for Apple and Android. The app combines theories of spiritual communication and manipulation of environmental sensors with the human psyche, mind and interpretation using the power of modern-day artificial intelligence algorithms. GhostTube Seer adds a new dimension to experimental spiritual communication that is unmatched by traditional tools and experimental techniques.

GhostTube SEER uses your mobile device's actual sensors to detect fluctuations in magnetic energy, select words from the pre-populated word bank, and an advanced artificial intelligence to produce unique, AI-generated visuals based on selected words. 

Features included with the Ghost Tube SEER:

  • Ghost dictionary with thousands of pre-loaded words
  • Magnetic fluctuation detector using the phone's magnetometer
  • AI-art generator using advanced artificial intelligence
  • Compatible with the GhostTube Lens virtual reality headset.
  • Gallery to manage AI-generated art
  • Low light video filters to aid video filming in dark places
  • Customizable skins and filters to enhance and personalize videos
  • Access to GhostTube Explore, paranormal community and database with details on over 1000+ haunted places around the world.

Minimum Requirements

  • At least 4GB of memory/RAM (recommended)
  • At least a quad-core processor, 2.5GHZ or higher (recommended)
  • Magnetometer (Required)
  • Camera and microphone  (Required)
  • Android 8.0, iOS 8.0 or higher  (Required)
  • Internet connectivity (Required)



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