GhostTube Community Guidelines

GhostTube Explore is an online social community for paranormal enthusiasts that strives to be an inclusive and safe place for investigators of all types. Our community guidelines are in place to help us realize this goal, but it requires everybody to play their part. The following type of content, activities and behaviors are prohibited on GhostTube Explore:

  • Nudity and sexually explicit content (regardless of gender)
  • Illegal activities or information on how to perform illegal activities
  • Violence or terrorism
  • Bullying and harassment (including trolling)
  • Encouraging suicide or self harm
  • Hate speech and forms of discrimination (eg racism)
  • Comments that are just mean and unnecessary at someone else's expense
  • Spam content
  • Copyright content
  • Creating multiple accounts
  • Flagging content as inappropriate when it isn't warranted

Failing to comply with our community guidelines or terms of use may result in your account being banned indefinitely.

 Reporting inappropriate content

To report a post or comment, simply tap the options button next to the content, and tap "flag as...". A profile can also be flagged as inappropriate. Our team of administrators will review the content and take appropriate action if it violates our community guidelines or terms of service.