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GhostTube Lens

GhostTube Lens

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 GhostTube Lens is the world's first virtual reality headset for paranormal investigators. GhostTube Lens is designed to be used with compatible GhostTube apps to give you an immersive experience and open a range of new investigation techniques. It can also be used in sensory deprivation-like paranormal experiments (such as the Estes method) to help focus your mind while listening to other devices. This purchase also includes a complimentary 12 month subscription to GhostTube SEER.

When used with GhostTube SEER, you can use GhostTube Lens VR capabilities in numerous ways creating a whole new range of investigation techniques including:

  • Sensory depravation - Replace the old blindfold while performing your Estes or GhostTube SEER sessions. Instead of using a blindfold, use visual stimuli to induce a trance like state while listening to a spirit box.
  • Digital scrying and white noise - Gaze at white noise or other visual stimuli while trying to test paranormal communication theories. Some theorize that white noise can conduct paranormal activity.
  • Relax the mind - Float above Earth, or glide through the fog - just some of the visual environments the VR lens can simulate to help you relax.
  • The Ganzfeld Experiment - Explore the mysteries surrounding the Ganzfeld Experiment, believed by many investigators to increase perception.

GhostTube Lens was designed for iPhone and Android devices with a diagonal screen size of 7 inches or less. Phones require an accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer in order to use GhostTube virtual reality capabilities. A phone is not included with the headset. Please read and consider all instructions and safety warnings prior to and during use.


Useful Information

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