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GhostTube Seer is the world's first AI-powered paranormal tool available to download free for Apple and Android. The app combines theories of spiritual communication and manipulation of environmental sensors with the human psyche, mind and interpretation using the power of modern-day artificial intelligence algorithms. GhostTube Seer adds a new dimension to experimental spiritual communication that is unmatched by traditional tools and experimental techniques.



How does GhostTube SEER work?

GhostTube Seer uses the raw sensors in your device to measure environmental changes in your environment, just like many existing standalone paranormal tools. For example, if your phone has a magnetometer, we will use it to measure magnetic fluctuations which could be triggered by electro-magnetic fields (or EMF), something many speculate could indicate the presence of s spirit. By calibrating magnetic north, the app can use this sensor to measure magnetic interference, similar to how the original GhostTube app works. Other sensors that may be used include the accelerometer and gyroscope for movement. When specific environmental signatures are detected, corresponding words are selected from a pre-populated dictionary just like some of the existing tools you may see used by investigators. However, once these words are generated, GhostTube Seer feeds the selected words to an advanced artificial intelligence algorithm which produces unique visual interpretations. Below are some example images it can generate:



Image of a shadowy room generated by GhostTube Seer


How can GhostTube SEER be used?

They say a picture paints a thousand words. While many existing tools and techniques allow investigators to test spiritual communication theories with yes/no answers, or simple responses such as an age, a date or a name, GhostTube SEER produces visual images opening a whole range of possibilities an investigator can explore while testing these theories, and making relevant responses all that much more compelling. Think a vision, a physical description of a person, place or object, something that, until now, couldn't be verbalized with mere yes/no responses. 

GhostTube SEER can also be used with GhostTube Lens, the world's first virtual reality headset designed specifically for paranormal investigators. You can use GhostTube Lens to conduct sensory deprivation style experiments such as  the Estes method or Ganzfeld experiment.




  • Ghost dictionary with thousands of pre-loaded words
  • Magnetic field detector that could detect the presence of magnetic fluctuations caused by EMF (on compatible devices)
  • AI-art generator using advanced artificial intelligence
  • Gallery to manage AI-generated art
  • Low light video filters to aid video filming in dark places
  • Customizable skins and filters to enhance and personalize videos
  • Access to GhostTube Explore, paranormal community and database with details on over 1000+ haunted places around the world.


Screenshots of GhostTube Seer


Can GhostTube really communicate with ghosts?

No paranormal device or app has been scientifically proven to enable communication with ghosts, or even the existence of ghosts. GhostTube is intended to assist paranormal investigators in their attempt to test theories of the paranormal, but is not intended as a tool for seeing and communicating with the dead or deceased loved ones and coping with grief or loss. We always encourage users approach every investigation with skepticism and to take a scientific approach (see tips below). Words/phrases generated do not represent the official position or opinion of the developer and are not intended as instructions or requests.


Image of a dark figure generated by GhostTube Seer

Tips for investigating

Remember that just like any other paranormal tool, not every trigger is necessarily paranormal in nature. Similar to other tools used in the field, our apps are influenced by environmental sensors in your device (e.g. the magnetometer, accelerometer, gyroscope etc.), so our tools can be triggered by nearby magnetic fields, metals, electronics, sudden movements and even fluctuations in the earth's magnetic field. For this reason, we always encourage skepticism and offer serious investigators these tips regardless of the tools you're using:

  • Always pair evidence with multiple tools and techniques rather than relying on a single tool for more compelling evidence.
  • Understand how your tools work, and consider objects and conditions in your environment that could be triggering your equipment.
  • Try to draw connections to documented fact and previous reports rather than assuming all output is a relevant response to your investigation. 
  • Never use the output of paranormal tools to make important life decisions, to cope with grief/loss, or interpret output as instructions or requests.

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