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GhostTube Gift Card

GhostTube Gift Card

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GhostTube is revolutionizing the way we investigate and is the worlds leading supplier of paranormal software. We offer a selection of advanced tools that any avid investigator will appreciate, as well as merch and apparel. Our gift cards are a great gift for friend or family members who love going on ghost tours, conducting paranormal investigations or making paranormal content and videos, or fans of GhostTube who just wanna rep! Gift cards can be redeemed for both physical products, and subscriptions, however, they can only be redeemed for subscriptions on the GhostTube website (they can't be used in the Google Play or Apple App stores).

This is a digital Gift Card only that will be delivered by email. Gift cards are not refundable and cannot be redeemed for cash, see full terms and conditions for more information. Card denominations will be displayed to the recipient in US Dollars.

Not sure how much to buy?

Below is a rough guide on what your recipient may be able to redeem their Gift Card for based on the amount you decide to give. Keep in mind that apparel comes in different sizes and prices, and shipping may change depending on where your recipient lives, so this is offered only as a guide:

  • $15 USD: subscription in one app for 12 months.
  • $30 USD: subscription in two apps for 12 months OR a GhostTube tee
  • $50 USD: subscription in four apps for 12 months
  • $50 USD: subscription in one app AND a GhostTube tee.
  • $100 USD: subscription in four apps AND a GhostTube tee
  • $100 USD: subscription in two apps AND a GhostTube Lens headset.
  • $150 USD: subscription in all of our apps AND a GhostTube Lens VR headset AND a GhostTube tee

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