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GhostTube Bundle 12 month subscription

GhostTube Bundle 12 month subscription

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Requires a GhostTube account to redeem

Includes 12 month premium subscription to the following GhostTube apps: 

  • GhostTube Original
  • GhostTube SLS
  • GhostTube VOX
  • GhostTube SEER

Unlocks the following premium benefits:

  • Record and store unlimited videos
  • Record for longer than 30 seconds
  • Increase the ghost dictionary to 1000+ words
  • Customizable voices for the ghost dictionary
  • Unlock the customizable dictionary so you can add words of your own 
  • Unlock echo, reverb and distortion controls
  • Unlimited AI generated art 
  • Expanded AI art gallery
  • Exclusive video filters for personalizing videos and low-light filming
  • Additional posting privileges on the GhostTube Explore community
  • Additional search privileges on the haunted locations database 

Do not purchase this product if you intend on gifting it to a friend, as it cannot be transferred to other users or accounts. Consider a GhostTube Gift Card instead.

IMPORTANT: Additional terms and conditions

This is a non-renewing subscription. The subscription will be valid for 12 months from purchase. To claim the subscription, a GhostTube account and a device compatible with the GhostTube apps will be required (check the app store for compatibility). The subscription can only be redeemed by an account with the email address provided at checkout - for this reason, only purchase this item for yourself. Subscriptions cannot be transferred to other users or accounts. If you want to gift a subscription to a friend, consider purchasing a GhostTube Gift Card instead which can be used to purchase subscriptions. Please see our full terms and conditions that may be applicable to this product.


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