How AI is changing the Paranormal Field

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the field of paranormal investigating by enabling researchers to uncover evidence and draw meaningful conclusions faster than ever before and introducing new ways to investigate. Modern smartphones are quickly becoming more powerful than many traditional pieces of paranormal equipment. With advanced sensors, cameras and microphones, paired with AI technology, we're on the cusp of a new range of paranormal tools that is going to fundamentally change the way we investigate.



What is Artificial Intelligence?

AI allows computers to learn from data, spotting patterns and trends which help us better understand the environment around us. With machine learning capabilities, computers can detect anomalies and draw conclusions from vast amounts of data faster than any human could. By combining these two technologies, we can potentially provide investigators with more insights and accurate readings faster than ever before, quickly eclipsing the power of traditional paranormal equipment. 

AI generated art and the Paranormal

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is revolutionizing the art world. With AI-generated art, a computer program uses algorithms and data to create expressive works of art without any human involvement. Instead, it takes inspiration from images, videos and other sources to develop its own unique style. AI-generated art is just one example of how computers are being used to explore creative avenues that were previously only available to humans. But does it bear any benefit to an investigator?

GhostTube Seer is the first tool of its kind for paranormal investigators using the power of AI. The app combines theories of spiritual communication and manipulation of environmental sensors with the human psyche, mind and interpretation using the power of modern-day artificial intelligence algorithms. While many existing tools and techniques allow investigators to test spiritual communication theories with yes/no answers, or simple responses such as an age or a name, GhostTube SEER produces visual images opening a whole range of possibilities an investigator can explore while testing these theories. Think a vision, a physical description of a person, place or object, something that, until now, couldn't be verbalized with mere yes/no responses. 



Machine learning for Pose Detection

Pose detection algorithms use computer vision to identify and track the position of people in an image or video. This technology has been used in many fields, ranging from medical diagnosis to gaming, but has also been adopted by many paranormal investigators for detecting people shapes and shadows, mostly thanks to the Kinect SLS camera. The Kinect SLS camera combines depth information from an infrared light grid and combines it with machine learning pose detection algorithms to detect people-shaped objects.

GhostTube SLS is the world's leading and most popular app alternative to the traditional SLS camera used by investigators. It leverages the power of LiDAR on compatible devices to detect depth and map the 3D environment just like a traditional Kinect SLS camera, and combines this data with a machine learning pose-detection algorithm to detect people shapes. On devices without LiDAR, it relies on the numerous cameras and sensors present in most mobile phones for comparable results. The outcome is a cheap and effective alternative to the traditional Kinect SLS camera.


Machine learning pose detection algorithms in use on a paranormal investigation using GhostTube SLS


Using AI on a paranormal investigation

The use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and mobile phones is revolutionizing the paranormal field. AI is making it possible to analyze paranormal data in more detail than ever before. Mobile phones are providing a way for people to share their experiences with the world, opening up new avenues of research that were not possible before. The combination of these two technologies is leading to a new era of paranormal investigation which will undoubtedly lead to further discoveries, techniques and information about the unknown and whether or not there really is a life after death.

You can download GhostTube Seer and GhostTube SLS for free on the app store and try the power of artificial intelligence on your investigations for yourself. Don't forget to share your results online and be sure to tell your friends and peers about how AI is revolutionizing the paranormal field. 

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