Virtual Reality and the Paranormal

Virtual reality (VR) technology has come a long way since its inception, so it was only a matter of time before it was adopted by the paranormal community. The use of virtual reality headsets on investigations is opening a whole new range of experiments and techniques that, until now, couldn't be done with traditional paranormal equipment. In this article, we discuss some of the countless methods and techniques you can introduce into your investigations with the GhostTube Lens virtual reality headset, as well as how virtual reality is improving traditional methods.



Traditional Estes method experiments

One of the most popular techniques used by paranormal investigators is the Estes method, which involves using a blindfold and/or noise-cancelling headphones to eliminate any outside distractions and create an environment for sensory deprivation. However, with the use of virtual reality headsets, investigators can take this technique to a whole new level. Instead of blindfolding themselves, investigators can wear a VR headset that simulates a completely different environment while still blocking out all external stimuli. This allows them to focus entirely on their investigation without any disturbances from the outside world.



When used with our AI-powered paranormal tool, GhostTube Lens offers a range of visual stimuli and noise that you can use to focus your mind while conducting paranormal experiments. If you have a busy mind, feeling stressed or otherwise unable to relax and finding this is preventing you from staying attentive during an Estes experiment, you can now choose a visual stimuli to gaze at while listening to the spirit box to assist in entering a more meditative, receptive state.

Artificial intelligence visual interpretation

GhostTube Seer is the world's first AI-powered paranormal tool available to download free for Apple and Android. The app combines theories of spiritual communication and manipulation of environmental sensors with the human psyche, mind and interpretation using the power of modern-day artificial intelligence algorithms. GhostTube Seer adds a new dimension to experimental spiritual communication that is unmatched by traditional tools and experimental techniques, and can be used in conjunction with GhostTube Lens to aid in applying a sensory deprivation style technique. Check out our other article if you want to learn more about how AI can be used on paranormal investigations.



Digital scrying

Scrying is a technique that has been used for centuries that many claim can be used to communicate with spirits and gain insight into the supernatural world. Traditionally, this technique involves staring into a mirror or other reflective surface and allowing the mind to enter a meditative state, with many reporting being able to see or hear spirits on the other side.


Digitally generated smoke for scrying


The GhostTube Lens virtual reality headset allows the investigator to simulate different environments, immersing themselves in a variety of visual stimuli that can be used to enter a meditative state to conduct a digital form of scrying. When used with our AI-powered paranormal tool, GhostTube Lens offers a range of visual stimuli which can be used for scrying, such as white noise, smoke and fog. 

The Ganzfeld Experiment

The Ganzfeld experiment sees subjects exposed to a uniform sensory simulation, such as a constant diffused light (normally red in color). The goal of the experiment is to create a state of sensory isolation that some believe increases perception to the paranormal. Use this mode while listening to a spirit box. 

The Ganzfeld Experiment in GhostTube Lens

The GhostTube Lens virtual reality headset offers Gaznfeld mode to investigators that want to test theories such as the Ganzfeld experiment. Users will be exposed to a series of uniform noise and stimuli in a traditional shade of red, useful while listening to a spirit box or similar device. 

Where to get GhostTube Lens

GhostTube Lens can be purchased here on the official GhostTube website. However, you will need to have a phone compatible with GhostTube Seer and have GhostTube Seer installed before you will be able to use it. It's free to download, but does require a premium subscription if you want access to additional features (such as the ability to record your VR sessions). If you purchase GhostTube Lens inside the app with an eligible GhostTube account, you will be able to get your first 12 months premium subscription for free.

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