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GhostTube VOX

GhostTube VOX

This app can be downloaded for free

GhostTube VOX is a video toolkit and sound synthesizer for paranormal investigators and video creators. The app uses the environmental sensors in your phone to measure fluctuations in the environment, and using these readings, synthesizes commonly used sounds, syllables, words and phrases from online digital broadcasts when specific magnetic signatures are detected. The theory being tested by this app is that spirits can communicate by influencing their environment to select sounds from a sound bank. Users can also adjust the echo, reverb and distortion of synthesized sounds, Read more about how it works over at

Key features:

  • Sound synthesizer
  • Customizable sound visualizer*
  • Echo, reverb and distortion effects*
  • White noise generator
  • Low light video filters to aid video filming in dark places*
  • Customizable skins and filters to enhance and personalize videos
  • Access to GhostTube Explore, paranormal community and database with details on over 1000+ haunted places around the world.

 *Some features may require in-app purchases.

Minimum Requirements

  • At least 4GB of memory/RAM (recommended)
  • At least a quad-core processor, 2.5GHZ or higher (recommended)
  • Magnetometer (recommended)
  • Camera and microphone  (Required)
  • Android 8.0, iOS 8.0 or higher  (Required)

Useful Information

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