About GhostTube VOX

GhostTube VOX is the latest experimental paranormal communication app for Apple and Android. The app tests the theory that spirits can manipulate their environment to make their presence known, or even to select sounds from a soundbank or word dictionary. GhostTube VOX can be used alongside other GhostTube apps and paranormal equipment on your paranormal investigations.

Using GhostTube VOX on a paranormal investigation


How does GhostTube VOX work?

GhostTube VOX uses the environmental sensors in your phone to detect changes in the environment. For example, if your device has a magnetometer, we will use it to measure fluctuations in magnetic fields which could be caused by fluctuations in electro-magnetic fields (EMF) which many speculate can indicate the presence of a spirit. By calibrating magnetic north, the app can use this sensor to measure magnetic interference, similar to how the original GhostTube app works. Unlike the original app, GhostTube VOX selects sounds and phonetics when specific environmental signatures are detected. It does not come with any pre-recorded sounds – all sounds are generated or sourced in realtime when specific magnetic signatures are detected using online digital radio. This means that each session with GhostTube VOX will be unique, guaranteeing that sounds aren’t pre-programmed to sound spooky or relevant. This makes GhostTube VOX one of the most reliable and trusted paranormal investigation tools for your handheld device.


GhostTube VOX introduces a range of new features to use on your investigations:

  • Sound synthesizer – real-time generation and sourcing of sounds based on the signatures detected by the phone's environmental sensors.
  • Video and audio recorder – never miss a moment or critical piece of evidence on your paranormal investigations, with low light filters.
  • Echo and reverb controls – making it easier for the investigator to make out words and phrases, also allows you to test theories that these effects can assist spirits in manipulating sound.
  • White noise generator – used to test theories that white noise can be manipulated by spirits to generate electronic voice phenomena (EVPs), and theories that white noise can amplify or conduct paranormal activity.
  • Sound visualiser – used to visually show you the sounds being generated and recorded by the app, in realtime.



Can GhostTube really communicate with ghosts?

No paranormal device or app has been scientifically proven to enable communication with ghosts, or even the existence of ghosts. GhostTube is intended to assist paranormal investigators in their attempts test theories of the paranormal, but is not intended (nor marketed) as a tool for seeing and communicating with the dead or deceased loved ones. We always encourage users approach every investigation with skepticism and to take a scientific approach, see tips below. Words/phrases generated do not represent the official position or opinion of the developer and are not intended as instructions or requests.

Tips for investigating

Remember that just like any other paranormal tool, not every trigger is necessarily paranormal in nature. Similar to other tools used in the field, our apps are influenced by environmental sensors in your device (e.g. the magnetometer, accelerometer, gyroscope etc.), so our tools can be triggered by nearby magnetic fields, metals, electronics, sudden movements and even fluctuations in the earth's magnetic field. For this reason, we always encourage skepticism and offer serious investigators these tips regardless of the tools you're using:

  • Always pair evidence with multiple tools and techniques rather than relying on a single tool for more compelling evidence.
  • Understand how your tools work, and consider objects and conditions in your environment that could be triggering your equipment.
  • Try to draw connections to documented fact and previous reports rather than assuming all output is a relevant response to your investigation. 
  • Never use the output of paranormal tools to make important life decisions, to cope with grief/loss, or interpret output as instructions or requests. 

GhostTube VOX is a supplemental device to the traditional Spirit Box, not a substitute. It is important to understand the differences in how they work. The Spirit Box uses a radio transmitter for analog radio signals to generate sounds and white noise, where as GhostTube VOX relies on the environmental sensors in your device to detect specific environmental signatures and generates sounds and white noise digitally using online digital broadcasts. GhostTube VOX has the added benefit of testing theories relating to manipulation of environmental factors, for example magnetic and electro-magnetic fields (on compatible devices), something which is not able to be measured by a traditional Spirit Box. 


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