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GhostTube VOX is the latest experimental paranormal communication app for Apple and Android. The app tests the theory that spirits can manipulate their environment to make their presence known, in this case, by selecting a sound source from online radio streams. GhostTube VOX was inspired by a traditional spirit box, but just like a traditional spirit box, there are a range of settings that investigators can use to enhance their experience. This article explains what each of the settings does and our recommendations on when to use them appropriately.


The noise, echo, reverb and distortion controls


White Noise

This setting is accessed on the main screen and controls the white noise with slow sweeps, fast sweeps, continuous sweeping or off completely. Some theorize that white noise conducts paranormal activity, where as some don't think it makes a difference and some just hate the sound. So really, use of this feature is a personal preference and depends on the paranormal theories you're testing. As content creators, we find our audience normally don't like hearing the white noise so we generally turn it off while investigating, but it is a useful feature if conducting Estes-like sessions.


This setting is also available on the main screen and controls the level of echo of the sounds generated. Some theorize that spirits could use the echo to manipulate sounds more easily, where as others believe it has no impact on the paranormal activity at all. Because sounds repeat a little bit, you may be more likely to hear the sound while investigating rather than having to replay back your videos if you have the echo enabled. On Android, the echo control is less obvious than on Apple, so we tend to keep echo lower on Android devices.


This setting also accessed on the main screen controls the level of reverb of the sounds generated (makes it sounds like the sound is in a long tunnel and drawn out). Some theorize that spirits could use the reverb to manipulate sounds more easily, where as some believe it has no impact at all. Some people don't like the reverb and think it makes the sounds harder to hear, so choose to lower it completely, where as other find it may help them hear sounds better as the sounds are drawn out over a longer period of time. It is personal preference based on your investigation style and beliefs, but we normally have it around 25% while we are conducting our investigations.


This settings controls the speed and pitch of sounds generated - when this is up sounds may come through slower or faster than normal and may have a higher or lower pitch. When using this setting, it simply adds another dimension to responses. For example, certain sounds may come across deeper or with more emotion than others. When distortion is low/off, you generally will just hear words/sounds with little or no emotion as they appear in the radio streams being used to generate the sounds. When it is high/off, you will get more distorted sounds, some sounding sweeter while others sounding dark or angrier. We normally have this on 50%, but it depends on what theories you're testing and whether you want the emotion levels effected by the environmental readings being used on your device.


GhostTube VOX sources sounds from radio streams when specific environmental signatures are detected using the sensors in your device. This setting controls how sensitive these sensors are to trigger a sound. You can expect less sounds if this is low, or more sounds if this is high. We recommend leaving this setting on low and only really adjusting it if you feel your device's sensors are too sensitive.


Sensitivity settings in GhostTube


Still not getting results?

Like any paranormal tool, you need to understand and consider how it works when interpreting results. VOX works by synthesizing sounds from online radio when specific environmental changes are detect. As such, not all sounds are necessarily paranormal in nature or relevant. Just like other tools used in the field, environmental sensors can trigger our apps and it uses radio streams for synthesizing sounds so false positives and radio interference is expected. Listen for relevance and draw connections where you can, but you're not guaranteed relevant results on every investigation. 

Download GhostTube VOX

GhostTube VOX is a video toolkit and sound synthesizer for paranormal investigators and video creators. The app uses the environmental sensors in your phone to measure fluctuations in the environment, and using these readings, synthesizes commonly used sounds, syllables, words and phrases from online digital broadcasts when specific magnetic signatures are detected. GhostTube VOX can be downloaded for free:


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