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GhostTube SLS

GhostTube SLS

This app can be downloaded for free

GhostTube SLS Camera Alternative detects humanoid bodies in your environment similar to the Kinect SLS cameras used by real paranormal investigators.

On LiDAR equipped devices, GhostTube SLS projects a grid of infrared light to measure depth just like a traditional SLS camera. GhostTube SLS also uses your phone's camera to identify human figures and bodies. Don't pay hundreds or thousands of dollars for a modified gaming console - GhostTube SLS is available FREE for download and can be used as an alternative to the traditional SLS Camera in all of your paranormal investigations.  

Key Features

  • LiDAR depth filters and night vision (on LiDAR equipped devices only)*
  • Pose detection (for detecting people-shaped objects)
  • Video filters for low-light filming*
  • Record all of your evidence in full HD video*
  • Access to GhostTube Explore, paranormal community and database with details on over 1000+ haunted places around the world.

*Some features may require in app-purchases.

Minimum Requirements

  • At least 4GB of memory/RAM (Required)
  • At least a quad-core processor, 2.5GHZ or higher (Required)
  • Camera and microphone  (Required)
  • Android 8.0, iOS 13.0 or higher  (Required)

Useful Information

How GhostTube SLS works

Which devices have LiDAR scanners?

Can phones be used as an SLS camera?


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