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GhostTube SLS is an alternative to the traditional Kinect SLS camera, available to download free for Apple and Android. The app tests the theory that spirits can manifest into full-bodied apparitions and appear in digital video recordings or photographs. GhostTube SLS can be used alongside other GhostTube apps and paranormal equipment on your paranormal investigations, and can be used as a substitute for the traditional Kinect SLS cameras used by professional investigators – in this article we will explain how we have been able to surpass the Kinect SLS camera in both accuracy and performance using the latest technology in smart phones.



How does a traditional SLS camera work?

Traditional SLS Cameras, also known as the Kinect SLS Camera or Kinect Camera, work by projecting a infrared laser grid over a field of view. By measuring the distance between the dots that are projected around the room, the camera can determine depth and form a 3D interpretation of the environment. This can be used to identify objects such as tables, chairs and even people. The devices themselves were originally released in 2010 and were intended as an immersive and interactive motion control user interface for the XBox gaming console. They can detect human body poses which users could use to play games and interact with the console. However, the paranormal community have embraced the technology as a means of seeing the unseen.



How does GhostTube SLS work?

GhostTube SLS is an app that can be used as an alternative to the traditional SLS Camera or Kinect SLS Camera. Using the latest LiDAR technology (Light Detection and Ranging), GhostTube SLS projects a grid of Infrared light just like the traditional Kinect SLS camera and uses the infrared grid to detect depth and objects in the room. The chipsets and sensors of modern mobile phones are typically more advanced and newer than those of the older Kinect SLS cameras, making GhostTube SLS a superior alternative if used on a LidAR equipped device. Of course, this feature is only available on LiDAR equipped devices – Currently this includes only certain Apple devices.



If your device lacks a LiDAR sensor, it is still possible to detect people shapes even though we have no infrared grid.  This is achieved using complex machine-learning algorithms for detecting human poses and shapes. We are also experimenting with dual depth sensing lenses to compliment this capability which will further improve the accuracy on devices without LiDAR.


GhostTube SLS introduces a range of new features to use on your investigations:

  • 3D depth mapping – real-time 3D mapping and depth perception (on compatible devices using LiDAR)
  • Video and audio recorder – never miss a moment or critical peice of evidence on your paranormal investigations, with low light filters.
  • Low light filters – which can be used in low light settings, along with the device flash, so you don’t miss anything.
  • Lightweight – don’t carry around a bulky, hacked gaming console. GhostTube SLS is lightweight and convenient to use.
  • Manage your videos – the video manager makes it easy to view, trim, share or save your paranormal evidence.



Is GhostTube SLS as effective as a Kinect SLS Camera?

Yes, but both GhostTube SLS and Kinect SLS cameras have their pros and cons. The obvious pro of GhostTube SLS is its price (it’s free!). It also doesn’t need to be shipped to you, and can be used straight away. It is also much easier to export, share and save your videos as the videos are stored straight to your phone or tablet. Videos can also be recorded in high definition (1080p).



The pro of the traditional Kinect SLS Camera is that it can operate in complete darkness. Although GhostTube will leverage the LiDAR infrared laser grid on compatible devices and allow for night vision capabilities, we combine this data with data from the camera lenses too which are not capable of seeing in the dark. We do this for multiple reasons – not only does it make our software more accurate than the traditional SLS camera, but it also means our app is compatible with more devices making SLS cameras accessible to paranormal investigators.

Tips for investigating

Just like any paranormal equipment you use (and any of the other GhostTube apps), GhostTube SLS is capable of detecting false positives. GhostTube SLS will detect any people-shaped objects it detects, so not everything it detects is necessarily paranormal. Things such as coat racks, reflections, people on the TV or in photographs, items of clothing, stuffed toys/dolls etc. are likely to trigger a false positive. Tips for debunking false positives include:

  • Recreate – See if you can recreate an anomaly by changing angles of the camera and pointing it in the same area. Does that area/object continually trigger GhostTube SLS? If so, it could be a false positive.
  • Stabilize – Sometimes when moving the device around, GhostTube SLS may detect an anomaly in the motion. Try focussing on figures detected at rest, or even consider using tripods where possible.
  • Observe – Is there an object in the room likely to trigger? Dolls, reflections, photographs? If so, try avoiding pointing GhostTube SLS at these objects.

GhostTube SLS users are encouraged to pair evidence generated on the app with evidence captured on other devices and, where possible, back evidence with documented historic fact before drawing conclusions.

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