Which devices have LiDAR?

LiDAR (Light Detection and Ranging) is an advanced depth sensing technology present in some Apple devices that give depth sensing capabilities that surpass the traditional Kinect SLS camera. Traditional SLS cameras use an infrared light grid and measure the time for light to reflect back into the source to measure depth. LiDAR leverages a similar technique, and due to improved technology and lower price point, is becoming more prevalant in modern mobile devices and tablets. The LiDAR sensors are not present in all device though, see below:



Which devices have LiDAR?

The following devices have depth sensing capabilities that involve projecting an infrared grid, using either a LiDAR sensor or Apple's TrueDepth depth sensing lens depending on the camera you're using:


  • iPhone X – selfie camera only (not the rear camera*).
  • iPhone 11 – selfie camera only (not the rear camera*).
  • iPhone 12/Mini – selfie camera only (not the rear camera*).
  • iPhone 12 Pro/Max – both selfie and rear cameras.
  • iPhone 13/Mini –  selfie camera only (not the rear camera*).
  • iPhone 13 Pro/Max – both selfie and rear cameras.
  • iPhone 14/Mini - selfie camera only (not the rear camera*).
  • iPhone 14 Pro/Max - both selfie and rear camera.


  • iPad Pro (2020) – both selfie and rear cameras.
  • iPad Pro (2021) – both selfie and rear cameras.


  • None. Currently, no Android devices are equipped with LiDAR scanners.


Rear camera or selfie camera - does it matter?

Yes – devices with depth sensing capabilities on the selfie camera only are normally used for facial recognition (i.e. to unlock the device), not full bodies. GhostTube SLS will still leverage this sensor to see in the dark and detect bodies, but it won’t be as accurate as those with sensors on the rear camera. In addition, for filming evidence it may be less convenient to use the selfie camera than the rear camera as it will be more difficult to point it away from you to film what is in front of you. If you will be using a tripod to secure GhostTube SLS, then the selfie camera will be fine, but if you intend on holding the device and moving around with it while filming, you will want a device with LiDAR on the rear camera.



Will I be able to see in the dark with LiDAR?

Devices with LiDAR can somewhat see shapes in pure darkness, because they won’t be relying only on visible light to see, but rather relying on infrared light to detect depth and therfore identify shapes. LiDAR (and GhostTube SLS) however, are not designed as safety devices. Always carry and use adequate lighting when using GhostTube SLS for your own safety. In addition, the stick figure mapping will require a little light as our algorithm combines the depth data from the LiDAR sensor with the dual lens cameras for higher accuracy, but the dual lens cameras need light to operate.

Can LiDAR devices be used by paranormal investigators?

GhostTube SLS is the world's leading LiDAR, depth sensing, and pose detection app used by paranormal investigators around the world. Best of all, it's completely free to use and can be downloaded on both Apple and Android. Read more about how GhostTube SLS works.



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