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GhostTube Original

GhostTube Original

This app can be downloaded for free

GhostTube uses your mobile device's actual sensors to detect fluctuations in the environment, select words from the pre-populated data bank, and track audio recordings during your paranormal investigations. No special sound or visual FX added - Just raw readings from your device. Read more about how GhostTube works over at

Key Features

  • Magnetic Field Detector, using the phones built-in magnetometer, which can be used to detect magnetic fluctuations caused by EMF (electro-magnetic fields, on compatible devices only)
  • Sound Spectrum Analyzer to assist in identifying electronic voice phenomenon (EVP recorder)
  • Ghost Dictionary with up to 1000 commonly used names and words in over 20 languages*
  • Word log for tracking generated words*
  • Video filters for low-light filming*
  • Record all of your evidence in full HD video*
  • Access to GhostTube Explore, paranormal community and database with details on over 1000+ haunted places around the world.

*Some features may require in app-purchases.

Minimum Requirements

  • At least 4GB of memory/RAM (recommended)
  • At least a quad-core processor, 2.5GHZ or higher (recommended)
  • Magnetometer (recommended)
  • Camera and microphone  (Required)
  • Android 8.0, iOS 8.0 or higher  (Required)

Useful Information

How GhostTube works

Can phones detect EMF?

How to overlay GhostTube in your videos


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