Fixing a GhostTube Subscription

Restore purchases

When prompted to pay in GhostTube or on the premium screen, there is a button to "restore purchases". This will resolve 90% of issues relating to a subscription. If you have a new device and need to transfer your subscription, for example, then this button will load your previous purchases back again.



Log in with GhostTube

If you purchased a subscription while logged in to a GhostTube Explore account, or you linked your subscription to the account, then you need to make sure you're logged in to this account to access premium benefits. To check whether you're logged in:

  1. Open any GhostTube app
  2. Tap on the library button in the bottom left corner
  3. Tap on the profile tab (the last tab to the right)
  4. If not logged in, tap on "Log in or Create Account"
  5. Use your username/password or sign in with Apple.

If you've forgotten your password or locked yourself out of your account, you will need to reset your password.


Checking internet connectivity

Make sure you have a valid internet connection so that GhostTube can verify your purchase with the server.


Still need help?

If you still need help with your subscription and the actions above didn't help, then you'll need to reach out to our support team here.