Transferring to a new device

Transferring to a new device

When getting a new device, your subscriptions should automatically load onto your new device when you launch the app. If they don't, however, when prompted to pay on GhostTube just tap "Restore Purchases" and your purchases should come back.

Note: This only works if getting a new device on the same platform (e.g. moving from one Apple device to another Apple device, or moving from one Android device to another Android device). If you're switching from Apple to Android or vice versa, see below.



Transferring from Apple to Android (or vice-versa)

When you make a purchase through Apple or Android, there is no way to transfer previous purchases from one platform to the other. However, GhostTube does let you share your subscription on multiple devices if you link your subscription to your GhostTube Explore account. For more information, see our article on sharing your subscription.


Still need help?

If you're still having issues transferring your subscription, you can contact our support team here.