Reporting Content

GhostTube Explore is an online social community for paranormal enthusiasts that strives to be an inclusive and safe place for investigators of all types. Our community guidelines are in place to help us realize this goal and keep our community fun and inclusive.

To report a post or comment, simply tap the options button next to the content, and tap "flag as...". A profile can also be flagged as inappropriate. Our team of administrators will review the content and take appropriate action if it violates our community guidelines or terms of service

Before you report something... consider whether the content really violates our community guidelines? Not all content posted by users will necessarily be to everyone else's tastes or align to everyone else's political views or beliefs, but this isn't necessarily a reason to report content. Only report content that actually violates the guidelines or is genuinely offensive. Misusing our report features can also result in your account being banned.


Copyright and trademark infringements

If a user posts content that violates your copyright, registered trademark, etc. you can report it in the same way you would report harmful content. To report a post or comment, simply tap the options button next to the content, and tap "flag as..." and select "copyright infringement". For formal requests and legal notices, or if you lack a GhostTube account and don't wish to create one, you can contact us here. GhostTube will ban accounts that repeatedly post infringing content.


Still need help?

If this doesn't address your questions or if you have additional feedback about our community guidelines, you can contact us here.