Banned Accounts

Why was my account banned?

To keep our online community safe for all users, GhostTube has implemented a set of community guidelines that contributors are obliged to follow, that should be considered in conjunction with our terms of service. If you post content that violates our community guidelines or terms of service, your account may be banned temporarily or permanently.


How long will I be banned for?

The GhostTube app will normally display when you can expect your account to be unbanned (unless your ban is permenant). How long your account gets banned for depends on how serious the violation was, and your prior history of posting harmful or inappropriate content. First or minor violations may only be for a couple of days. Repeated violations may result in a ban that lasts days, weeks or months. Really serious violations or repeat violators may receive an instant permanent ban.


But what I shared was generated by GhostTube

If you add custom words to the GhostTube dictionary that could be harmful or offensive to other users and those words are selected on an investigation, then this should not be shared on the GhostTube Explore community, even if it is relevant to a location's haunting. Similarly, sounds and images generated on our other apps that could cause harm to or offend other users should also not be shared to the community.


Can I dispute a ban?

Generally, no. All harmful content is reviewed by an actual person on our team, so it is quite impossible for your account to "accidentally" get banned. As such, we rarely overturn a decision to ban an account. 

If you think there has been a mistake, you can lodge a request here, but it is highly unlikely you will get a response from our team.