How to use GhostTube Lens


This article will explain each of the modes available in GhostTube SEER with GhostTube LENS, how they work, how to use them and their intended uses. Before reading on, ensure you have correctly set up your GhostTube Lens for your personal head shape and eyes. There are three main modes:


GhostTube SEER mode

This mode displays a visual stimuli for you to gaze at (just like the mind focus mode below), but in addition it also will generate AI art when specific environmental changes are detected (pictured below). When in this mode, you can use the left and right arrows to change your visual stimuli, and if you have a premium subscription you can also record what you're seeing for review later on after your experiment. Don't forget to stop recording at the end of your session!

We also recommend reading and understanding how GhostTube SEER works and how it generates images.

Seer mode on the GhostTube Lens


Mind focus mode

This mode displays a visual stimuli for you to gaze at. This is useful for focussing while conducting an Estes method (e.g. with a Spirit Box and noise cancelling headphones). It will not generate an AI-generated images, and is intended only for scrying noise and repetitive stimuli. Some of the stimuli you can gaze at includes white noise, black noise, smoke, flames, pendulum clocks, and a galaxy star field (pictured below). Use this mode while listening to a spirit box or meditating.

Some of the stimuli above may require a premium subscription to view, but you should be able to see a sample of them without a subscription.


Example star field stimuli for mind focus


Ganzfeld mode

The Ganzfeld experiment sees subjects exposed to a uniform sensory simulation, such as a constant diffused light (normally red in color). The goal of the experiment is to create a state of sensory isolation that some believe increases perception to the paranormal.

When using Ganzfeld mode, GhostTube will provide users with a range of visual stimuli, similar to the Mind Focus mode but with a traditional red filter to replicate the Ganzfeld experiment. Use this mode while listening to a spirit box.


Ganzfeld experiment mode on GhostTube Lens



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