Reviewing my evidence


Tips for reviewing evidence

Remember that just like any other paranormal equipment, not every trigger on GhostTube is necessarily paranormal in nature. Similar to other tools used in the field, our apps are influenced by environmental sensors in your device (e.g. the magnetometer, accelerometer, gyroscope etc.), so our tools can be triggered by nearby magnetic fields, metals, electronics, sudden movements, fluctuations in the Earth's magnetic field and other changes in your environment. For this reason, we always encourage skepticism and offer serious investigators these tips regardless of the tools you're using:

  • Use multiple tools. Always pair evidence with multiple tools and techniques rather than relying on a single tool for more compelling evidence.
  • Understand how your tools work. Consider objects and conditions in your environment that could be triggering your equipment.
  • Research and draw connections. Try to draw connections to documented fact and previous reports rather than assuming all output is a relevant response to your investigation.
  • Always use tools appropriately. Never use the output of paranormal tools to make important life decisions, to cope with grief/loss, or interpret output as instructions or requests.


Tips for reviewing evidence on SLS cameras

GhostTube SLS and traditional SLS cameras are designed to look for people shapes, so most figures captured can be explained. For this reason, we always encourage skepticism and offer serious investigators these tips when using any type of SLS camera: 

  • Recreate – See if you can recreate an anomaly by changing angles of the camera and pointing it in the same area or at the same object. Does that area/object continually trigger? If so, it could be a false positive.
  • Stabilize – Sometimes when moving the device around, SLS cameras may detect an anomaly in the motion. Try focussing on figures detected at rest, or even consider using tripods where possible.
  • Observe – Is there an object in the room likely to trigger your SLS camera? Dolls, reflections, photographs, people on TV, certain other objects such as some types of furniture, trees and gravestones? If so, try avoiding pointing your SLS camera at these objects during an investigation.


Still need help?

Note that GhostTube does not currently accept any photos or images for review, and does not provide any professional services relating to the paranormal such as private investigations. We instead encourage users to share their evidence on the GhostTube Explore community tab in the app with other users. Other users will see it and can share their own interpretations and comments.

If this doesn't address your questions or you have additional feedback, you can contact us here.