Brand Guidelines

GhostTube was intended for use by not only paranormal investigators, but video creators, too. As such, we've put together a list of guidelines we ask video creators to follow when publishing content online that contains the GhostTube logo:

  • Only use the GhostTube logo in media when embedded by the GhostTube app. Never manually re-use or embed the GhostTube logo on any other published materials - print, photos, videos, websites etc.
  • Do not accompany the GhostTube logo in any videos intended purely for entertainment, that otherwise fake or stage paranormal activity.
  • Never use the logo in any way that confuses our products with other paranormal apps.
  • Do not imply in any way that there is an affiliation between you, your group or channel and GhostTube.
  • Maintain the logo's aspect ratio so that it doesn't appear squashed or stretched.
  • Do not distort or recolor the GhostTube logo.