How does GhostTube work?

What is GhostTube?

GhostTube is our flagship experimental paranormal app for Apple and Android. The app tests the theory that spirits can manipulate magnetic and/or electro-magnetic fields to make their presence known, or even to select words from a dictionary. GhostTube can be used alongside other GhostTube apps and paranormal equipment on your paranormal investigations. GhostTube allows Paranormal Investigators to record paranormal evidence on their devices in their attempts to either prove or disprove the paranormal – i.e. the existence of ghosts, demons and other supernatural beings.

How does GhostTube work?

GhostTube primarily uses your phone’s magnetometer (or compass). By calibrating magnetic north, the app can use this sensor to measure magnetic interference and select words from the dictionary corresponding magnetic signatures are detected. GhostTube only selects words based on the magnetometer readings – we do not use any random number generator functions to generate or select words, making GhostTube one of the most reliable and trusted paranormal investigation tools for your handheld device. GhostTube can also be used to measure magnetic interference, record electronic voice phenomena (EVP) and even detect proximity of physical objects/beings if they come in close contact to the device (within a few inches, on supported devices only, see below).


GhostTube introduces a range of new features to use on your investigations:

  • Magnetometer – used to detect fluctuations in magnetic interference (something that investigators speculate can indicate the presence of a spirit). This is a real sensor in your device, typically used by navigation apps on your phone as a compass to detect direction.
  • Ghost Dictionary – will read out words selected by the magnetometer when a corresponding magnetic signature is detected. The dictionary contains up to 850 commonly used words, phrases and names.
  • Sound visualiser – used to visually show you the sounds being generated and recorded by the app, in realtime, useful for detecting EVPs.
  • Video and audio recorder – never miss a moment or critical peice of evidence on your paranormal investigations, with low light filters.
  • Low light filters – which can be used in low light settings, along with the device flash, so you don’t miss anything.
  • Proximity sensor – used to detect proximity of physical objects within a few inches (on compatible devices only).

Can GhostTube really communicate with ghosts?

No paranormal device or app has been scientifically proven to enable communication with ghosts, or even the existence of ghosts. GhostTube is intended for paranormal investigators to test theories of the paranormal and either prove or disprove those theories, but is not intended (nor marketed) as a tool for seeing and communicating with the dead or deceased loved ones. We always encourage users approach every investigation with skepticism and to take a scientific approach, see tips below for serious investigators. Words/phrases generated do not represent the official position or opinion of the developer and are not intended as instructions or requests.

Tips for serious investigators

Just like any paranormal equipment you use (and any of the other GhostTube apps), GhostTube is capable of generating false positives. Words will be generated based on magnetic signatures detected, but these can be influenced by environmental factors, namely nearby electronics, metals, or natural fluctuations in the Earth’s magnetic field. GhostTube users are encouraged to pair evidence generated on the app with evidence captured on other devices and, where possible, back evidence with documented historic fact before drawing conclusions.

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