Unauthorized or Duplicate Charges

GhostTube does not collect or receive any payment or credit card information from our customers. Any charges made are initiated and collected by third parties depending on the device or platform you're using, i.e. Apple for Apple users, Google for Android users, or Shopify if using our website to make a purchase. As such, it is rare to be charged incorrectly for our apps. However, there are some instances which may explain why you have an unauthorized charge or see duplicate charges from GhostTube:


  • Unauthorized purchases made by children - do you share your device with family members, friends or children who may have made a purchase through the app store without your consent?  If so, you will need to contact either Apple or Google for assistance. If the purchase was made on our website, you can contact us here.

  • Security holds and authorizations - Sometimes when making purchases the merchant may place a security hold on your card for the same amount making it look like you've been charged more than once or that you've been charged even if the transaction wasn't successful.  However, this is just a normal part of making credit card payments, and they generally clear automatically after a couple of days. We recommend just waiting a day or two to see if these clear automatically. If after a few days they do not clear, you will need to contact either Apple or Google for assistance. If the purchase was made on our website, you can contact us here.

  • You have subscriptions in more than one GhostTube app - GhostTube has more than one app, each offering their own premium subscriptions. If you purchase more than one subscription across multiple apps, then it is expected that you will be charged more than once in any particular billing cycle. Consider a bundle subscription if you use more than one GhostTube app and would prefer to be only billed once.

    Still need help?

    If you're still having issues and you weren't able to find answers above, you can contact our support team here.