How do SLS Cameras work?

How does the Kinect SLS Camera work?

Traditional SLS Cameras, also known as the Kinect SLS Camera or Kinect Camera, work by projecting a infrared laser grid over a field of view. By measuring the distance between the dots that are projected around the room, the camera can determine depth and form a 3D interpretation of the environment. This can be used to identify objects such as tables, chairs and people.

The devices themselves were originally released in 2010 and were intended as an immersive and interactive motion control user interface for the XBox gaming console. They can detect human body poses which users could use to play games and interact with the console. However, the paranormal community have embraced the technology as a means of seeing the unseen.

How does GhostTube SLS work?

GhostTube SLS is an app that can be used as an alternative to the traditional SLS Camera or Kinect SLS Camera. Using the latest LiDAR technology (Light Detection and Ranging), GhostTube SLS projects a grid of Infrared light just like the traditional Kinect SLS camera. Of course, this feature is only available on LiDAR equipped devices – Currently this includes only includes certain Apple devices.

If your device lacks a LiDAR sensor, it is still possible to detect depth. Rather than projecting a laser grid of invisible light, GhostTube SLS will instead rely on the dual lenses of your phone or tablet’s rear-facing cameras. The app combines images from both camera lens to get two, separate visuals of the surrounding environment from slightly different angles. It then merges the two visuals and triangulates objects in the images to detect depth, in a similar way to how our own human eyes work, i.e. depth perception. The outcome? A cheap alternative to the SLS Camera that can detect human bodies just as effectively.

The dual-lens method of detecting depth is only available on compatible devices. Specifically, a high performing chip and augmented reality body occlusion capability is required for highly accurate results. Earlier Apple or Android models that lack the capability will instead rely on pixel-based analysis of camera frames to detect human bodies instead.

Can SLS Cameras Really See Ghosts?

No paranormal device or app has been scientifically proven to enable communication with ghosts, or even the existence of ghosts. GhostTube SLS is intended for paranormal investigators to test theories of the paranormal and either prove or disprove those theories, but is not intended (nor market) as a tool for seeing and communicating with the dead or deceased loved ones.

How much does an SLS Camera cost?

Traditional SLS Cameras or Kinect SLS Cameras can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The high price is normally attributed to the custom modifications that are required to be made to the XBox Kinect – let’s not forget it was not intended for paranormal investigating. In addition, the manufacturer of the SLS Camera also need to purchase the XBox Kinect hardware itself, and normally also provide a tablet or similar device to give you a visual display while using the camera.

As GhostTube SLS leverages the hardware components present in most modern day phones and already has a visual display, it comes at a fraction of the price. In fact, GhostTube SLS can be downloaded and used for FREE. However, many users choose to pay for a premium membership to access additional features to such as longer recording times, custom video filters, additional low light settings etc.

Is GhostTube SLS as effective as a Kinect SLS Camera?

Yes, but both GhostTube SLS and Kinect SLS cameras have their pros and cons. The obvious pro of GhostTube SLS is its price. It also doesn’t need to be shipped to you, and can be used straight away. It is also much easier to export, share and save your videos as the videos are stored straight to your phone or tablet. Videos can also be recorded in high definition (1080p).

The pro of the traditional Kinect SLS Camera is that it can operate in complete darkness. Although GhostTube will leverage the LiDAR infrared laser grid on compatible devices and allow for night vision capabilities, we combine this data with the depth sensing camera lenses too which are not capable of seeing in the dark. We do this for multiple reasons – not only does it make our software more accurate than the traditional SLS camera, but it also means our app is compatible with more devices making SLS cameras accessible to more investigators.