GhostTube is not compatible on my device


I am unable to find the GhostTube apps in the Google or Apple Play store, or when I do find it I am presented with an error message that my device is not compatible.

Additional information

GhostTube has minimum hardware requirements in order to operate. Devices that lack one or more of the following may not be able to download the application:

  • At least 4GB of memory/RAM (recommended)
  • At least a quad-core processer, 2.5GHZ or higher (recommended)
  • Multiple camera lenses, microphone, and magnetometer (required)
  • Operating system Android 8.0 (Oreo) or higher, or iOS 13.0 or higher (required)

If you are unable to download GhostTube, the likely reason is your device lacks a magnetometer. This is a necessary peice of hardware fundamental for GhostTube to be able to detect magnetic fields. Without it, GhostTube will not be able to function, which is why we prevent you from downloading it.


Try downloading GhostTube on another device that meets the minimum device specifications above.