June 4, 2022

Community Guidelines

GhostTube allows you to share content with other users. We want to keep everyone safe, so ensure any content you share, posts or comments abide by our community guidelines.

Prohibited content and activity

  • Sexually explicit content or nudity that is likely to offend.
  • Repetitive or meaningless content, spam.
  • Harrassing others, bullying or trolling.
  • Information about illegal activities or how to perform illegal activities.
  • Violent or graphic content, promotion of violence or terrorism.
  • Promotion of self harm or suicide.
  • Discriminatory hate speach, racism etc.
  • Copyright content for which you do not own the rights to redistribute.
  • Falsely reporting or flagging other user content which does not violate the community guidelines.
  • Creating or using multiple accounts for the purpose of trolling, circumventing bans etc.

How to report violations

Tap the “…” button next to any post or comment in our app and report it.

How is reported content handled?

Reported content is reviewed by our team of administrators and moderators. If reported content is found to be in breach of our community guidelines, the content will be removed, and the account that posted the content may be banned from using community features for a period of time. Repeat offenders will be banned perminately.