May 8, 2021

Brand Guidelines


Our guidelines outline the rules for publishing content using GhostTube’s intellectual property including the GhostTube logo, user interface and overlays in video content.


  • Maintain shape and proportion of your video so that assets are not stretched or squashed.
  • Talk skeptically about paranormal equipment in general, how they work.
  • Refer to the GhostTube website to understand or inform users how the apps are intended to work.
  • Seek permission if using brand assets for marketing, advertising, books, plays, tv shows/movies, film scripts, print.
  • Abide by our Terms of Use.


  • Don’t adjust the aspect ratio of videos resulting in poor video quality.
  • Don’t modify the logo embedded in videos.
  • Don’t modify the overlays in videos in any way other than permitted by the app.
  • Don’t attempt to move or crop the logo or overlays.
  • Don’t apply third-party filters that modify the color of the embedded logo or overlays.
  • Don’t defame GhostTube or imply that GhostTube is fake or inferior to other apps and devices.
  • Don’t imply GhostTube brand or product association or endorsement when there is none.

Submitting requests

Please submit a request for permission when you need to use brand assets in any of the following:

  • Marketing or advertising
  • Plays, television programming, movies
  • Print packaging, magazines or books

Please note that we can only process requests made in English.