How do I cancel my GhostTube subscription?

Cancelling your GhostTube premium subscription is easy. However, once you have cancelled your subscription, you may lose access to GhostTube’s premium functionality. Apple Users Open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad. Tap your name/profile picture Ensure you are logged in with the same profile used to make the purchase. Tap¬†Subscriptions Tap the subscription Read more about How do I cancel my GhostTube subscription?[…]

How does GhostTube work?

What is GhostTube? GhostTube is our flagship experimental paranormal app for Apple and Android. The app tests the theory that spirits can manipulate magnetic and/or electro-magnetic fields to make their presence known, or even to select words from a dictionary. GhostTube can be used alongside other GhostTube apps and paranormal equipment on your paranormal investigations.¬†GhostTube Read more about How does GhostTube work?[…]