Does GhostTube Really Work?

What is GhostTube?

GhostTube is an app that allows Paranormal Investigators to record paranormal evidence on their devices in their attempts to either prove or disprove the paranormal – i.e. the existence of ghosts, demons and other supernatural beings.

How does GhostTube work?

GhostTube uses existing theoretical and experimental techniques to record evidence of the paranormal. GhostTube’s key features include the following tools:


GhostTube uses your phone’s in-built Magnetometer (on supported devices) to detect fluctuations in magnetic and electro-magnetic energy. The magnetometer is common in most Apple and Android devices, and is typically used by navigation apps to detect direction – essentially a compass. By tracking magnetic north, the magnetometer is able to measure magnetic interference and magnitude in a similar fashion to other electro magnetic paranormal equipment (e.g. K2 Meters, EMF Detectors).

Ghost Dictionary

The Ghost Dictionary contains up to 500 commonly used words and phrases translated in more than 20 languages. Environmental factors (i.e. magnetic readings from the magnetometer) are used to generate a numeric value. If this value equals one of the values assigned to a word or phrase in GhostTube’s pre-populated dictionary, it will use your phone’s in-built speech library to say the selected word or phrase. For Apple it uses Siri, for Android devices it uses Google’s TextToSpeech library.

SLS Camera

GhostTube SLS is an app that can be used as an alternative to the traditional SLS Camera or Kinect SLS Camera. Using the latest LiDAR technology (Light Detection and Ranging), GhostTube SLS projects a grid of Infrared light just like the traditional Kinect SLS camera. Of course, this feature is only available on LiDAR equipped devices – Currently this includes iPhone X, iPhone 11, iPhone 12 and later, or iPad Pro or later.

If your device lacks a LiDAR sensor, it is still possible to detect depth. Rather than projecting a laser grid of invisible light, GhostTube SLS will instead rely on the dual lenses of your phone or tablet’s rear-facing cameras. The app combines images from both camera lens to get two, separate visuals of the surrounding environment from slightly different angles. It then merges the two visuals and triangulates objects in the images to detect depth, in a similar way to how our own human eyes work, i.e. depth perception. The outcome? A cheap alternative to the SLS Camera that can detect human bodies just as effectively – though, it will require an external light source.

Proximity Sensor

GhostTube uses your phone’s in-built Proximity Sensor (on supported devices) to physical objects close to the device. Proximity sensors are normally based on infrared light, and are commonly used by phones to detect when the user is holding their phone to their ear – it prevents your cheeks from dialing while you are on the phone. GhostTube uses the same sensor to detect proximity to objects, in a similar fashion to proximity-based paranormal equipment (e.g. the Paranormal Music Box or the R.E.M Pod).

Sound Synthesizer

The sound synthesizer captures real-time audio from your microphone, converts it into a spectrograph and displays the results on screen, allowing you to “see” any sounds picked up by your device. This tool is most useful to use in quiet environments. On GhostTube VOX, the synthesizer also comes with a mixer to apply echo, reverb and distortion effects to your audio – one theory is that spirits can more easily manipulate sounds when these effects are applied.

White Noise Generator

The white noise you hear in the GhostTube VOX app is not a recording of white noise –  it is real white noise generated in real-time. It is important not to confuse the white noise generator in GhostTube VOX with the functionality of a radio sweeper. Most modern phones are not equipped with an AM/FM receiver, therefore it is not possible in many cases to scan radio frequencies using your phone – most apps that appear to do this are normally using digitally streamed radio broadcasts using your phone’s data. The white noise generated by GhostTube VOX is used to test the theory that spirits can communicate more easily by manipulating white noise, or that white noise stimulates paranormal activity, but cannot be used as a radio sweeper.

Can GhostTube really communicate with ghosts?

Like traditional Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) devices such as the Spirit/Ghost Box, K2 Meter and the Ovulus, GhostTube should be seen as an experimental tool to help you conduct your paranormal investigations and capture evidence either in favor of the paranormal or to debunk it, but not necessarily to communicate with the dead. Just because the magnetic reader fluctuates, it does not necessarily mean there is a spirit. Holding another phone or a magnet near your device will also trigger the EMF reader to fluctuate, for example. However, if you receive a fluctuation and can rule out any interference from other devices, your evidence will be much more compelling. We recommend taking a skeptical approach when using GhostTube (and any other Paranormal Equipment).

Although the use of GhostTube for entertainment purposes or for investigating the paranormal is encouraged, we do not recommend GhostTube be used as a coping mechanism for dealing with loss or grief. If you or someone you know is suffering from grief, depression or similar mental health conditions, please seek help from a professional.

Are ghost hunting apps fake?

The paranormal community is normally opposed the use of mobile phone apps in favor of traditional Instrumental Transcommunication (ITC) devices such as the Spirit/Ghost Box, K2 Meter and the Ovulus. However, this is mostly due to modern app stores being inundated with apps plagued with ads, phony sound effects, and fake glitches, intended more for entertainment purposes and not serious paranormal investigating. Many of these apps also fail to explain how they actually work, leaving skeptics wondering if their results are real, completely random or pre-programmed.

While many find paranormal investigating fun, and hence find GhostTube fun to use, it was not intended for entertainment purposes. The app contains no ads, and does not contain any pre-recorded sounds or voices. In addition, GhostTube remains completely transparent on what hardware it uses in your phone to record readings. Don’t think of GhostTube as a ghost hunting app, but more as a tool for use on your paranormal investigations to help you prove or debunk paranormal claims.